Weight Training – Basics of Weight Training Program

There are some basic points, which are to be considered in order to gain adequate weight or muscle building. Some instructions are given below. Heavyweight should be used: In training programs, heavyweights should be used, as that is the way when the individual understands that body needs to grow. Heavyweight should be used but it should be smart also. The individual should think that to lift the heavyweight the person should grow. Compound movements should be focused: Compound movements usually involve the largest muscle groups and as a result, hit utmost muscle fibers. This results in fast muscle gain. Some of the best moves can be mentioned as squats, bench press, and deadlifts. All these should be done in a regular manner. As the major muscle groups need more concentration as well as energy, they should be trained first. Training time and frequency: Training should be done less than one hour per day and that too only three to four days a week. The valid reason behind it is that an individual after rigorous weight training lacks testosterone production after fifty to sixty minutes of training while cortisol levels rise after some period of it. It is always tough to concentrate after doing weight training because of the lacking energy levels. Both upper and lower body should be trained: Proper proportion in the body should be there. Legs should be trained with squats. A weak leg and weak chest are the factors responsible for injury at the time of deadlifts and rows. The focus should be there: If an individual exercises in a regular manner week after week he must get a muscular physique. He can do it in the gym or else in the home environment. New workouts should be added: All the time doing the same workout can be boring to the person. That is why every time new workouts should be added to avoid boredom. Regular measuring is needed: In every week measurement of the chest arms, waist, etc is to be taken. Weight should be measured regularly. Some other basic instructions are to get the best result to add some aerobic exercises to the weight training programs. The formula in the rest and recovery section should be followed seriously. Free weights are regarded as better than the machine. Machines are always safe and easy to use but in spite of these factors, free weight should be chosen for beginners.

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